Meet Ginger

Ginger Quinlan is an Internationally known, scientifically tested, and Certified Psychic Medium. She is one of twenty-one people in the world who have been tested by Forever Family Foundation and Windbridge Research Center Afterlife Studies, as being “The real deal.”

With 39 years experience of doing consultations, healings, house clearings, classes and mentoring, Ginger Quinlan has become a well-rounded intuitive counselor and Medium. She has counseled over 40,000 clients, sharing messages of love, hope and healing in phone readings, email consultations, house parties, large events, and group gallery situations.

Ginger has appeared before various audiences to perform her own special brand of bringing in messages from the Other Side. She talks to the Dead as if they were standing right next to her, expressing who they were in life, what they loved, who they love, and how they were in life.

Ginger is a Physical Medium, who has the ability to take on many of the personality traits of the dearly departed. Ginger brings lost loved one’s to life in a loving, accurate, detailed way. When you are in a Reading with Ginger, you know your loved ones are there too.


Ginger is also a detailed, extremely accurate Psychic who can go into the energy of others. She can step into your energy and see what is happening now, what is coming up in the future, and what is occurring right now in your life. She delivers options, accurate predictions, and dead-on descriptions of your life and what is coming up around you.

I am returning to readings in a slightly different fashion.  Check out my reading page for more information and to book a Mini Digitally Recorded Reading just for you!