The Magickally Delicious Podcast


Join Scientifically tested and Certified, Psychic Medium, Ginger Quinlan as she "serves up" delicious food for your body, mind, and Soul.  On the menu for our upcoming shows are Magickally Gifted guests who will share their journeys and yummy wisdom with you. Ginger will be offering a live reading show once a month, where she connects to those on the Other Side and performs on - air Readings for callers.  You will also have a large plate full of energetically driven ceremonies, to honor yourself, the Moon, the Divine Feminine and  the Sacred Masculine in all of us!  Ginger will be your Server as she introduces you to scrumptiously wise Healers, Psychics, Mediums, Metaphysical Artists, Spiritual Coaches, Alternative Path Teachers, and Authors.  Every week the Magickally Delicious podcast will offer you ways to add  energetic sprinkles of joy and contentment to your life. For dessert, Ginger will share knowledge she has acquired through 30 years of teaching, listening, consulting sand working with some of the most talented psychic mediums on the planet.. So brew some tea, or grab a glass of wine, get comfortable, and join us for a special hour of Food for you Soul with the Magickally Delicious Podcast!