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30 Minute Phone Readings on sale! Loyalty program now available.

Happy Fourth of July! It is hot, hot, hot here in Atlanta this day with the sun beaming down and the humidity being off the chart. The Planets are creating their own special brand of energetic "heat" too. Life is seriously heating up too! We are being pushed into figuring out where we are going and how we can move forward with things that seem stuck, uncertain, or too overwhelming.

We have planets going retrograde now, (going backwards), which means the Universe is asking us to look deep inside our Souls. It is time to figure out what we want to move forward with in our lives, who we want to move forward with, and how we are going to get there. It is the perfect time to release what is not working in out worlds, while we dive deep into our feelings, releasing those past feelings that no longer serve us. If you are working on something that is not coming to fruition, it might be the time to let it rest while you re-evaluate if it is good for you or not. If you are starting something brand new, it might be very delayed or may not happen at all. it may be time for you to walk away from the creation of it, let it rest and figure out if it is right for you.

To help with that process, I am offering 30 minute phone readings on sale. I call you for these readings. I record the session and send you an email with a link to your reading. I am also offering a loyalty program now that gives you energy points for your bookings, and subscribing to my website. Many of you are repeat clients and I am so grateful for ALL of you! Energy Points reward for you signing up to the site and for booking Sessions. My way of saying "Thank you"!!!

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Summer and prosperous new month of sorting out our choices and desires. Take time to rest over the next three to six weeks as these planetary changes will make you feel so tired and very overwhelmed. Be good to you!

Brightest Summer Blessings,


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Happy Fourth. Ginger!! Hope you are doing well!! Thank you for your generous offer too . Bless you

One of your loyal fans!!

All the best to you,

Lee Shepherd

Me gusta
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