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5 Questions Mini Recorded Reading with Ginger ON SALE!

Happy February! It has been a very rough 2020 and now we are into 2021. It is the month of love, soooo I wanted to share some love with all of you!

All of February I am offering the Five Question Recorded Digital Reading to you and the Relationship Mini Reading as well, both for $35.00. Normally $45.00

How does it work...

5 Questions Digitally Recorded Reading

20 minute reading, answering your email questions.

I answer them in a digitally recorded reading. You are sent an MP3 link to it. No email or actual appointment needed. I do readings all week long this way and you receive the reading through you email. You simply click on the link I send you, listen and then download your reading. For the 5 Question Reading, I need you to simply email me your questions to psychicginger58@yahoo.com. I answer your questions out loud, record the answers and everything I feel from your questions, then send you the MP3 link so you can listen to your recorded 5 questions being answered. I need you to include names of people, places, and things. If you are asking about people, please let me know if they are alive or have passed on.

Relationship Recorded Mini Reading...

This reading is all about you and the people around you. I need up to 3 names of the living people you would like me to tune into. I tell you how they are doing and what they are learning or feeling about your interactions with them. This is NOT a Mediumship reading of those that have passed on. Please email your three names to me at psychicginger58@yahoo.com or you can put the three names on the booking form. I record everything I feel, see, know, hear and taste and whatever your Guides and Angels show me. Then I send the link to you through email, where you can click on the link, listen and download. It is that simple. No actual appointment, no [phone call, just detailed accurate information from me and your Guides to you!

So far, I have had great response to this format and I look forward to sharing my insights and the messages from your Guides to you! This is first come first serve. I go week by week on my booking calendar, and do the readings that have booked for that week. I have to limit the readings and spread them out a bit because of losing my voice if I talk too much. So if you have signed up on a particular week, that is the week you will receive your reading through February.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Month of Love and messages!

Brightest Blessings,


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