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December Reading Dates Are Now Available.

Happy November Everyone!

December Reading appointments have been moved up, so the month of December is now wide open for bookings. YAY! I have so enjoyed reading for so many people the last few months. I look forward to sharing messages and healing throughout the Holiday Season.

Have you been feeling the Energies lately since our huge Lunar Eclipse this past week? Very intense for those that are super sensitive to energies.

If you find yourself in chaotic situations, breathe, let those situations settle down, then make your decisions about what to do about them. The illusions in the energies are so strong, you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there. The resolutions will come once you take a breath, step back a bit, let things settle, then ask your Soul...What do I need to do with this hard lesson, dramatic life change, or chaotic relationship? Whatever it is you are dealing with, you will NOT see the entire truth of it until you get peaceful and step back, let the situation reveal itself to you.

A simple technique for doing a Soul Check-in is to close your eyes, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, ask your Soul the question about your situation. Pay attention to your first thoughts or feelings. This will be the highest form of guidance from your Soul that you can get and act on. Making rash, fast, costly choices right now will backfire and lead you to more strife.

For the rest of this month and the next three months following, make stepping back, taking a deep breath, and doing a "soul-check in" a priority with your various situations and lessons. This will keep you clear about your path and on the road to feeling true to yourself and your highest good in all that you do.

Much love to you all and brightest blessings!


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