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Energy Alert & Readings On Sale!

As I sit here on this chilly morning, watching the sun rise and drinking my coffee, I was reminded that Summer is coming to a close. The air is feeling a tad bit cooler. My heart is ready for big amazing changes, and I am ready for new beginnings. It was a tough Summer for so many people. Everyone talked about the challenges of not being able to move forward. Not seeing how to make change or even the possibilities of it. I too struggled with that energy when the way I envisioned things in my life, did not move ahead as I had planned. It was a season of challenges, one right after the other, that did not ease up as choices, responsibilities, and conflict filled everyone's life with stress.

Now as we shift into the Autumn Equinox, the changing leaves begin to show us that release always brings about change. The lack of energy we all felt over the Summer to make giant changes is shifting into the Universe asking us, "What is not working in your life still? What do you want to create that brings you joy? What needs to be cleared out, renewed, or released, and clarified?" The energy of these themes is overwhelmingly strong, driving us all to dive down into our Souls and take a look at what will truly make us happy. Are you feeling it??

If you are still battling the huge number of obstacles the planets threw at us all Summer; then it is time to sit with yourself. Get peaceful in your Soul, take a few deep breaths, then look at what situations, people, or energies are nagging at you to release them or shift into something that makes your heart happy. You may not see it all clearly, as we have five planets still in a stopped position. Mercury is beginning to come back into a forward motion, but on this New Moon Day, everything is stopped energetically. You may feel tired, overwhelmed, wanting to fight with everything, depressed, or even like you want to create the dynamics of leaving everything behind and start over again elsewhere. BE CAREFUL, because this energy of throwing everything you have been working on away is powerful. We are being hit super hard by the energies today and throughout the weekend. These energies will definitely try to pull you into dark intense emotions and situations. These are called "The Devil Days" in Astrology as all of these planets sit and fight with each other energetically. Be careful and aware of what negativity you may be walking into or inviting to walk into you! Drama, chaos, and fighting run this energy, so beware as we head into this weekend!

Protect your energy by visualizing brilliant Gold Light around you. Gold Light will protect your Aura and Chakra System, keeping you safe from people who want to drain you or fight with you. Listen to your guts if someone is offering you something that just doesn't feel good. You can delay the offer or walk away completely from it until the end of the month, when the planets being to move forward, offering you better insights and prosperity. Be good to you, play, put up energetic protection and pay attention to the dynamics coming at you now. You can get through this with some self-care and being aware of what is true, what is negative and what is something you don't want anything to do with!

On another note, I want to say a giant "THANK YOU" to all the people who reached out for Readings the past two months. Miracles, healings, and beautiful messages were delivered! I am grateful to ALL of you, to the Universe, and the Spirits on the Other Side for working through me and with me to help everyone in each Reading.

In celebration of the Autumn Equinox and the shifting of this intense energy, all 30-minute Phone Readings, Psychic, Medium, and House digital Mini readings are all on sale. You can book your reading by clicking on the link.

Wishing you all a Magickal Autumn!

Brightest Blessings,


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