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Half hour phone readings on sale. Celebrate the new energies of expansion and prosperity now!

Happy Sunday Friends! Saturday brought us a huge shift in energies for our planet, which has not been seen since 1941. Did you feel the energies get lighter, brighter, and more insistent for us to get to work and make things happen? This energy is a powerful boost for prosperity, moving forward suddenly, and releasing the things that are not working in our lives. It is bigtime miracle energy that will appear instantly! It is powerful and Magickal!

This energy invites you to shift into who you really want to be. It takes you into the depth of your soul to discover what you want to create in your life. The image in the blog post, from Alex Miles Astrologer, helps to explain all these magnificent energies. What will come up for you especially this next week and then watch as the Universe brings you offers, situations to bring change suddenly and doors of opportunity opening everywhere around you!

To celebrate this amazing shift in energy, I am offering all 30-minute phone readings and psychic mini readings are on sale! I also extended my work hours to accommodate afternoon appointments as well my usual morning hours. Explanations of each kind of reading I offer is in the description section of my booking page as well. I look forward to reading for you soon!

I am wishing you a blessed new season of infinite possibilities and Magickal shifts in your life as we head into the energies of the Jupiter - Uranus Conjunction!

Follow this LINK to book your session with me.

Brightest Magickal Blessings,


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