Happy March! Special's This Month!

Blessed March everyone! Rabbit Rabbit for good luck and prosperity! As we head into this month, I wanted to share a few things with all of you, good things, happy things. So let me dive right in!

I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone for all the fabulous feedback about the new Reading format I have been offering. Such great responses and excitement for it. I was nervous to offer these mini readings, quite honestly, because it was not the traditional way of doing readings. But much to my delight, it seems to be a hit! So I will keep offering them up and sharing my Gifts with all of you! I do want to clarify how the scheduling part works though, as that was the only hiccup. So let me explain a bit how booking is handled and how the mini readings work if you have not booked one yet but are thinking about it. For those of your waiting on this last weeks Readings, they will be arriving today (Monday), and Tuesday.

When you go to my booking page, I have Monday's and Thursday's dedicated to booking appointments. There are six slots available for both days. You are booking your time with me for the week that you book. This is NOT an appointment!

I do readings this way, Tuesday through Friday, if you booked on a Monday. Friday through Monday if you booked on Thursday. I do this without seeing you or calling you. I record the sessions and send you the Recorded Messages I receive detailed information from your Guides and Angels. I use my own intuitive abilities of being an Empath, Remote Viewer, and Intuitive Medium.

I give you accurate, detailed messages and insights about what is going on in your life, your upcoming situations, and a general overview of your energy. You are emailed a link to your MP3 recording of your Reading to listen to and download at your convenience. I do not call you for the Reading. I talk very fast with accurate, detailed, compassionate information. I hope this clears up the confusion with the booking process for the week with me, depending on whether you book Monday or Thursday.

With all that being said, I have added a new service, I am offering a Health Reading, which means I intuitively scan your body and energy, your Guides and Angels share information with me about your issues, and I share it all with you. ***I am not a doctor. I am a Medical and Energetic Intuitive who can tap into your body and what is going on. Please get medical attention from a Doctor. Let this particular Reading help you understand and get appropriate help for your health issues.*** I DO NOT predict death and I sometimes do not get to see if you have Cancer. So please seek out medical help.

Psychic and Health Mini Readings are on sale for the month of March! YAY!! You can book your readings by clicking on the book now button.

Wishing you a wonderful new month of blessings and prosperity.

I look forward to reading for you!!

Much love,


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