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I am writing a new book about Readings and Mediumship.

Greetings on this New Moon week of new beginnings and Magickal Manifestation energy. I hope this finds you well.

The last few weeks, my Spirit Guides have been nudging me to get started on a new manuscript, so I listened. I also received some pretty amazing Reading confirmations from some of you. I love reading how a Mediumship or Psychic reading shifted, enhanced, and someone's life. I appreciate that feedback so much, words cannot express how it makes my heart happy and my Soul sing! As those confirmations came in, I felt like the book I am being urged to write, is about all of you who have had experiences with me in Readings and how it shifted your life in some amazing way.

I am reaching out to all of you today, because as much as I want to write this book, I have a little problem. I do not remember what I tell people in readings for the most part. I do so many each week, if I remembered everything Spirit shared through me, I would be totally full in my memories, not my own memories, but everyone else's. I also have the issue of being confidential to all of you, holding your Souls, secrets, and personal information in confidentiality. To write about my own witnessing of Magick and Miracles in readings, plus the experiences my clients might have, I need permission or change names of the people involved, which bring sme back to exact memories that I do not have of Readings.

Hence this email to all of you! I would like to share with the public how healing and enlightening a psychic reading can be. I want to share experiences of my clients who allowed me to speak to those on the Other Side for them. I want to share the synchronicities that happen before and after readings. I want to share with people who have never had a Reading with a Medium or Psychic to know how it can heal or resolve issues, give peace to the grieving heart, and bring evidence, clarification, and comfort to the Living. I was sharing all this idea, with my best friend Sheryl, asking what she thought? She said in her wise, loving way, "Ask your clients for their stories." My heart sang with that suggestion and now I am following her sage advice.

If you have a story to share with me about a reading we had together, please email me your story, record it digitally if you like, send me a message on text or on Facebook, and I will transcribe it for the manuscript. I also need permission from you as confidentiality is important to me in every sense of the word! If you want me to change the names in your story I will do so. Please let me know. You can also send me your digital recording that I sent you in the initial reading if you like and refer to the part you would like to be your story. I do not save all the recordings normally, so that is an option too. It does not have to be a big, long story, but it does need to express how it made you feel, what kind of reaction or feelings you had, and how it impacted you.

I am so excited to write this book and to share all the beautiful energy of the Other Side and the Universe with people who have no idea how a Reading works, what they can experience, and the love being brought through the Psychic Medium who shares the messages. Thank you for taking time to read this blog/email. I look forward to bringing your stories to life and the Magick that has happened with so many of you in connecting to the Other Side.

Brightest Blessings,


Facebook ~ Ginger Quinlan

Phone text - 770-925-5524

or you can message me here if you like through the website.

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