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Intense Energies and Combination Readings on Sale!

We are off to a new week of some very intense energies with BIG changes coming into our lives! Are you feeling it? If not, perhaps the energies are hitting you subtly right now, gearing you up for what is to come. The energies will build up, getting stronger and stronger over the next three months as many of the planets are going retrograde, which means they are headed backwards energetically.

What happens when we have planets going backwards, well they bring up issues that need to be resolved. They create a bit of havoc while they slow down the energies around us and take us down a rabbit hole of self-evaluation and transformation in huge ways! They can affect our energies in various ways such as feeling dizzy, experiencing Vertigo, feeling more anxious or aggravated than usual, being more aware of our sensitivities and experiencing intuitive hits more. You may have the sense that everything is moving so SLOW or things are totally delayed. These are the energies that we are experiencing now. They are so STRONG!

Venus, the beautiful planet of love, relationships, and interactions with others, plus Saturn the planet of money, responsibility, restrictions, and work are going retrograde. Higher Realm vibrations are also hitting us, making us feel off balance emotionally. We will feel instant intense anger, agitation, anxiety, and headaches too. No it is not your imagination that you have been feeling these things. It is the planets creating such an intense environment for all of us. Feel tired?? You may want to stop and just sleep for hours and hours but not feel rested at all. You may be having panic attacks, nightmares, interactions with the Spirit Realms while you sleep, and generally feeling hungover, forgetful, and achy when you wake up. All of these symptoms are signs of some energetics shifting and creating chaos in our energies. How do we fix it or deal with it all? There are a few things to be aware of before we talk about energetically handling these off-balance feelings.

First, this particular energy shift will feel like the biggest and most annoying Mercury retrograde EVER! Appointments, commitments, plans, communications, desires of wanting to start something new and moving forward rapidly will ALL be delayed. This will last for the next four weeks especially. Be patient with yourself and with others. Crazy interactions with others will absolutely happen. Unstable people will react to these energies more intensely and with bigger emotions than normal. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, or mental health issues, you will most likely feel more triggered than usual. Your pets may be feeling this energy shift also and have more ailments than usual. Pay attention to their health needs more over the next few months too. They are so much more sensitive than humans and more open to being affected by this shift.

We are heading into Summer Solstice, with Capricorn moving back into Pluto as well. This is the icing on the cake of energetic changes. You may have noticed that more Souls are leaving this planet lately, passing suddenly, coming out of long-suffering illnesses, or taking their own lives. Our pets have been transitioning too, heading to the Rainbow Bridge quickly to move into a new way of being in Spirit. Lots of people passing during this time of Retrogrades and Capricorn going into Pluto. When this energy happens collectively, it creates ripples of change in all of the energetic Realms. The Upper Realms including the Angelic's, Aliens, Realm of the Dead, and of course here on Earth. You may find yourself feeling such mourning for people and pes you have lost during this time. Honor those feelings and let the tears flow if need be.

In closing of this energy alert, I want to share some tips to counteract this "messy" energy shift? Protection, grounding, boundaries, while being kind to yourself and others as much as possible is the key to making it through the coming months. You all know I am big advocate for sea salt baths. Time to do this! Cleanse your energy with sea salt, smudge with Frankincense to raise your vibes, carry deflective Crystals like Black Tourmaline and Black Quartz. Take time to rest and try not to be hard on yourself for not being able to get everything accomplished as you planned. Nothing is going as we planned. This is part of this energy as well. Take mental health breaks during the day to stop, refresh, and breath. Pay attention to the refreshing feeling of just stopping for moment. Your Body, Mind and Soul will appreciate it for the next four weeks especially!

If you can get out in nature on a daily basis, even if it is for five minutes, your energy will thank you! Go barefoot, work in the garden, hug a tree, pick flowers or sit out in the sun. Lay in the grass, under the clouds, breathing in and breathing out while nurturing your Soul. This will take you a long way into feeling better and more grounded during these times. Last but not least, connect to your Soul.

Ask yourself does this work for me, does that work for me, am I happy doing what I am doing? Are the people around me fulfilling my need for others? Ask your heart, mind, and Soul, then pay attention to those answers deep within you. This will move you forward and get you where you want to be. It is all about doing what makes your heart sing and your Soul smile! I hope this blog helps you find some balance in these intense energetic times.

To Celebrate Summer and the upcoming Solstice, I am offering Combo, Psychic Mediumship readings on sale now. Mini House and Five Question Mini Readings are also on sale. You can book by clicking HERE.

I am sending giant hugs, strength and confidence energy to you all as we head into this intense new way of being in the World.

Much love to you all!

Brightest Protect Your Energy Blessings,


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