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March Specials ~ Health, Relationship and 5 Questions on Sale!

Happy March Friends!

I want to thank everyone who signed up for my Mentorship Programs and Psychic Medium Development classes. I am enjoying working with amazing students and discovering all of the talents and abilities they possess! Truly a gift of energy and love.

This particular month of March is full of relationship themes, energetic renewal, paying attention to our health, and a sense of getting things accomplished that were blocked in the previous months. To celebrate this new energy, I have put relationship readings, health, and 5 question readings on sale! These readings are at the lowest prices ever to celebrate ALL of you and to give you the insights you need in a mini digital reading that is electronically sent to you through email in an MP3 format. When you buy a mini reading with me, you have me for the whole week to get your readings done and sent off. There is no set appointment on a certain day.

As we go into this month, you may feel an odd sense of exhaustion, along with a fire burning deep inside you that says, "get it done now!" You may have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to rekindle or release relationships that are either stuck, unhappy, or not a good fit for you anymore. We will all feel these intense energies, so be good to yourself and to others this month as everyone is feeling this "push me -pull me" types of vibrations.

Honor your feelings and who you are as we dive into the new month of March and a brand-new collection of life altering energies.

Brightest New Beginnings Blessings,


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