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Mini Digital Readings on Sale, Energy Alert, & Holiday Hours.

December has arrived with all its Magick and intense energies! Are you feeling it? There is a shift happening with Neptune going forward now, opening up the ability to move forward in our lives, slowly, so slowly over the next two weeks. You will begin to be aware of situations picking up momentum, which allows us to accomplish our goals and desires. YAY! Mercury retrograde begins the 12th of this month, so appointments, mechanical things, and communications will be difficult to deal with for the next three weeks. It is a great time to go after a new job or a new environment, to purge out clutter, restructure your schedule, cleanse your home, and release the different aspects of your life that may not be working in your life.

Messages and confirmations are coming through for all of us. Those messages are pushing us to look at our shifts and changes, then keep going. It is all possible! It is time to go after those things. Do not let yourself sabotage your endeavors! Look at what you have lost the last six months. but do not let yourself go so far down into the losses that you lose your momentum to move forward. Look at what you still have that you can expand on and grow from, then put those things into motion. You will find growth and success, plus a bit of Magick sprinkled to those energies as we head into the middle of December. Intuition will be high for many people and dreams will be off the chart with messages and inspiration. Money aspects will begin to improve too, so that restraint of finances will feel different and allow you to see a light at the end of the financial tunnel.

To celebrate the Season and this shift in energies, I have put all Mini Digital readings on sale now through January 2024. Mini Digital readings require no actual appointment. You are buying time with me for the week to perform a mini digitally recorded reading for you or for your loved ones. I email you the MP3 file with your reading. Mini readings are booked for the week you choose. Add your recipient's personal information and it will send the confirmation of the reading to them with the week that the reading will be performed and sent. All the Mini readings are at their lowest prices ever. I have gift cards available for phone and Mini readings, but for phone readings, your recipient must contact me to set an appointment, or you can fill out the appointment yourself, just add that it is a gift for someone else and who that person is.

Please contact me if you need help with the process, my email is

I wanted to let everyone know, my dear friend and colleague, Michele Rothberg is offering a beginning Psychic course. She is amazing, so gifted and ready to offer guidance into your own intuitive abilities. You can find out more at

Holiday Hours for Readings. I have a few openings left for phone readings the week of the 18th. I am taking some much-needed recharge time from the 21st of December to the 4th of January 2024, but you can still book appointments now and all through the coming months. Channeled Subscription messages will be going out each week during the Holiday's and I will be posting energy alerts as they come up, here on my blog.

Thank you so much to all of you! I have had amazing feedback, love, and beautiful interactions with so many of you the past three months, it has been such an incredible journey.

I am wishing you a Magickal Holiday, however you Celebrate, and know that your loved ones in Spirit, your Guides and Angels, and the Universe itself is beaming love to you!

Brightest Holiday Blessings,


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