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Mini Psychic and Mediumship Readings on Sale through February 2022

Happy New Year Everyone!! It is a time for manifesting your desires, tapping into the new energies that are very intense this month, and releasing all the energies that no longer serve you. To celebrate of this year of creative sparks and deep dives into the true essence of who each of us wish to be in this life, I have put Psychic and Mediumship Mini readings on sale through February 2022.

Get a "psychic check in," with this mini recorded reading that taps into your energy and allows me to share everything I see, feel, hear, taste, know, and smell in your energy. I tell you everything your Guides and Angels share with me and what I pick up in your vibration. The best part of a mini reading is there is no phone call or a time where you have to show up. I record this reading, send you the mp3 file, and you have the luxury of listening whenever you want too. You book an appointment, but really you are buying time, during the week you booked, for me to get your reading done and sent to you.

Mediumship Mini readings are also on sale. I love bringing your loved ones in to have a conversation with you in this format. I get to share detailed messages and energy from the Other Side with you in the same way I do the psychic mini readings. I give you detailed, direct messages, love, and insights from your loved ones who have passed and share it all with you. I speak about everything I experience, hear, feel, and smell from those people who are around you all the time and those that may be only around when you need them most. The love they have for you, the perceptions of their lives, and the messages they wish to share all come through in this Reading.

Click the book now button to buy your time with me and discover all that I offer.

I look forward to celebrating you and your loved ones as we create the most Magickal year ever in 2022!

Brightest Blessings,


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