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New Year, New Energy, New Opportunities!

Happy New Year to all of you!

I wish you so much love, joy, healing, smiles, and blessings in every little thing. As we head into 2024, I am excited about all the shifts and changes opening up as we head out of Mercury Retrograde on January 2nd. Jupiter, the benefactor and Saturn the heavy hitter of money are changing too, delivering to us sudden opportunities and wrapping up situations that no longer serve us.

Get ready, the change is coming. The energies will be lighter and brighter...YAY!

To help you navigate the new energies of 2024, thirty - minute phone readings are now on sale through January 2024. All phone readings are available by appointment only, I call you at your scheduled time. I record the reading, then send it in an MP3 format. You can book here by clicking the book now button below.

In closing, I am so grateful and appreciative for all of you. I will hold the energies shared in my heart, along with all the healing conversations and messages that were shared this last year. Lots of love, tears, and clarity was shared with those that came from through the Other Side too. Every day was like a Magickal Journey into the Realms of Energies between me and all of you! To me, it is the greatest honor of all to trust someone with your energy. Thank you for trusting me with who you are and what you feel! I am sending you hugs and can hardly wait to see what 2024 brings to my life and to yours!

Brightest New Beginnings Energies to all of you!

Love, Ginger

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