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On Sale! Psychic Readings & Five Question Mini's

Spring has sprung here in Georgia with a new month and new vibes. I am hoping that this month has much better energy for everyone, including me. Please join me in sending positive energy, prayers, and well wishes to the people of Ukraine, those who are fighting for our rights, and the people who are struggling with the many issues that are currently affecting all of us, even in the higher vibrational Realms.

When there is chaos and destruction on Earth, the Realms of the Other Side, Angels, Aliens, and all those vibrational high energies become disrupted too. If We, as a Collective Consciousness, send soothing, healing energy to the planet, it radiates between us and affects all of us including those Higher Realms. Take a few moments to send positive thoughts, loving prayers, and visualizations of peace. Light a candle for peace and healing if you have time, then feel how your energy, and the energy around you shifts. You will feel more grounded and connected to the positive instead of feeling bombarded by the negative. We can lift the energies and raise the

energy here on Earth and in our own lives by this simple method.

If you are an empathic person, highly sensitive to the energies around you, visualize Gold Light flowing all around you. See it radiating and circling around your Aura. This will protect your lovely energies and help you get through these heavy energies. Gold Light will lighten your mood and make you feel grounded. It is very hard to be a sensitive person right now, so any kind of protective practice you can put into place will help you navigate these energies. Black Tourmaline, Snowflake Obsidian, and Smoky Quartz Crystals will help you too if you keep these stones close to you.

We can assist this shift in energies in these ways and stay in our personal power. We can effectively raise the energies of love and peace together with our thoughts, intentions, and movement of energy with a single thought or action. With that being said, I am offering a sale on psychic phone readings and five question mini readings through the end of March 2022. The energies are clouding what we can see and what we cannot see lately, so I want to lend my energy to helping all of you see what is coming up in your future, what is happening now in all aspects of your life, and share messages from Spirit to assist you!

You can book by following this link.

A bit of business to attend too as well. My booking app, Genbooks has been bought by Booksy booking, so they are migrating all of my services and clients over to the Booksy system. You will be receiving an invitation to join Booksy, download their booking app, and be part of that system in a few days. Your information and all your details remain private as they simply migrate them over to Booksy. If you have any issues booking please contact me. I am learning this new system as well and will help you in any way that I can.

Last, but not least...for my International clients, I can now do readings through Zoom. There is a feature on Booksy that sets me up to send Zoom meeting links and accommodate your location. YAY! If you are International, Booksy handles the payment process as well and it will be much smoother in the future to book with me. This will go into affect on the 15th of March.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for your extreme patience with me as I caught up from being sick all of January and half of February with Covid. Glad to be past that! I am so grateful for all of you and your kind, uplifting messages to me. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life because of this work. Thank you for being in my life!

Wishing you a lovely Spring and I look forward to Reading for you!

Brightest Spring Blessings,



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