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One Hour Readings are on Sale & BIG Energy Alert!

This week is so powerful for manifesting and putting things in motion to get yourself where you want to be in the future. We have so many planets preparing to go into Retrograde, which means they are going backwards, not doing what they normally do for us on planet earth. This particular week is all about getting things ready for BIG changes in our lives, and in everyone's life around you. Things are going to shift and feel heavy after this week. You may experience feelings of wanting to quit, urges to up and leave, feelings of ending things that are slowing down. Hang in there if you are feeling these things, because blessings and manifestation energies are running the show this week! Push into the new things you want to do and jump into the new beginnings this week if you can. You may feel exhausted, not creative, and not feeling the love in anything you are doing, as Venus is in Retrograde for four more weeks. The planet of Love is making us feel the love so much. This too shall pass and as we head into the end of this month, next week kicks off this huge shift in our energies.

The energies will be shifting into a giant slow down. As this energy occurs you may feel discouraged, or blocked, like you are being kept from manifesting what you desire. Things are going to feel really, really weird, but underneath it all, our dreams are being manifested... but not in the way you envisioned it. Things may shift totally different than how you thought life would be, but they are shifting for the betterment of everyone. Uranus is making it all rather illusionary and you cannot see how the shift in circumstances or dynamics, are creating something good for you.

While this energy is making a huge change, be kind to others, control the emotions of feeling screwed over by others, and know that certain things may need to shift into a new way of being. It will be a weird funky vibe next week. Breathe, be kind to yourself and take time to rest, because these energies will also make you feel incredibly tired. Things will get better as we all go into our Souls to look at what needs to be released, what needs to change, and what we can manifest over the next six to eight weeks of this planetary shifting. You can do it! Breathe and know that the Universe is creating a new awareness and big dynamics for the good of the Collective Consciousness.

On another note, One Hour Phone Readings are all on sale! I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with so many people on the phone the last two months. I feel VERY blessed to bring in all of your loved ones and to tap into your individual energies psychically as well. Lots of miracles, healing, and love has been happening with phone readings and I feel so incredibly honored to be part of it and to be trusted with your energies.

I am wishing everyone a Magickal August, stay cool (it is 114 heat index here in Atlanta as I write this blog). Be kind to yourself as we head into retrograde Season. Pay attention to your new awareness, as your release what no longer serves you and manifest your greatest desires. It is going to be intense so stay tuned for the blessings that are in between the uncomfortable but transformative energies!

Brightest Stay Cool and Positive Blessings,


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