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Phone Readings are now on Sale!

Memorial Day is fast approaching as I write this blog, drinking my hot coffee, and watching the sun come up over all the flowers I have planted this Spring. I was trying to come up with some catchy thing to write but was drawing a blank on what to do or say. I thought about my two Mothers in Spirit, my dad also in Spirit, the man who told me to call him "father" on my birth family side, also in Spirit, plus all the animals and friends I have lost in the past few years.

As I sipped some more coffee and sighed, staring at my laptop, I heard a little voice quietly whisper, "It's soon to be Memorial Day. Put your readings on sale~! I smelled my Dad's Old Spice aftershave as I felt like yes, that is the right thing to do. I felt all of my people and pets in Spirit smiling at me as I began to shift the services page on my website to the Sales I was offering. I knew my loved ones and pets were all around, inspiring this blog today. My heart filled up with love and the words started coming through.

Memorial Day is about those memories of those who have passed, Military personnel, those who were in hospital during Covid, with no family members present due to restrictions. It is about those that have left due to illness, mental health issues, or other life problems. In this line of work that I do, I hear all of it, feel all of it, and know of the ways that people depart, leaving behind heartache and sadness in their families and friend's hearts. It makes me feel very honored to share those experiences with my clients and help bring in those on the Other Side.

I know that each one of them are in Divine love now, finding a new way of being in the World of the Departed. When I think about the miracles of healing, communication, and peace it brings to my clients to hear their messages, it gives the Memorial Day Weekend a different kind of feel for me. It gives me hope for healing, inspires blessings to the Living with messages from the departed, plus deep compassion for those that hurt so much because of their losses. The entire interaction leaves me with love for those that are in Spirit and those that are here on Earth.

I honestly never really celebrated Memorial Day other than to get together with family and friends and eat a lot of food. This year feels different though. So many people have left this planet, including my own loved ones, plus my beloved pets that have run to the Rainbow bridge after being so sick with age related issues. It makes me see Memorial Day different this year with a bit of melancholy, tinged with joy, that none of my family members in Spirit are sick or suffering anymore. My pets transitioned peacefully with loving hands helping them to cross over. My friends who were scared and sick, are peaceful in the Divine energies now. I know they are all around me, watching out for me, interacting with signs and messages, just as your people are doing for you from the Other Side.

I am honoring those on the Other Side with a phone reading special, 30 minutes and One hour sessions are now on sale. I have opened up my schedule for more appointments too. Over Memorial Day weekend, I will be lighting candles to send energy out to the world. If you have a special candle, you would like lit, or a prayer, energy, or healing sent, please send me an email or text if you like. I will add your requests to the list. I will be sending energy to those in Spirit and to those that are hurting. I will be sending prayers of healing and comfort to the Collective Consciousness too. If you need some energy or a focused prayer, I will be doing that as well.

I invite you to take moment this Memorial Day Weekend to join me in raising the energy of Love, Compassion and Healing!

Brightest Honoring our Loved Ones Blessings,



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