Problems with emails, recordings not being received by Clients this past two weeks.

Happy Friday Friends! I am posting this here so you all can get the memo that I am having issues with my email reaching most of you and I do not know why. Many people...seriously lots of people have reached out to let me know they have not received their recordings through email from me...aaargh!

So if you happen to be one of those folks that did not get your reading over the last two to three weeks, not including the dates from the 23rd of May to present, please, please email me, text me, let me know you did not get it. I am NOT ignoring you or stealing or your money, or not doing your readings, just having some tech issues with my email. I have run malware checks, contacted yahoo etc. NOTHING. They found nothing, so I don't know why it is happening other than Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. Mercury affects all things electronic.

Please be patient with me as I get this resolved. I will be sending out readings with my email address too since the tech support guy, who was super nice and very helpful, told me sometimes yahoo gets blocked by servers and the emails do not go through.

On another note, let me remind you how this format works. Some people think that the day they book the reading, they will be receiving the recording on that day. It does not work that way. You are booking time with me for four days after that the day you book your appointment, so I can spread out the readings and not loose my voice. So if you book on Monday, you will receive your reading anytime between that Monday and Friday. If you booked Friday, you will receive your reading anytime between Friday and Tuesday....unless your server is blocking yahoo lately and you get nothing...LOL...geez!

Thank you to everyone who has given me terrific feedback and for all of the support of this new format. I love being able to read for you and give you as much information as possible! It makes my heart happy to hear your experiences as you listen to the recordings. For those of you who have been having issues with the emails coming to you, I deeply apologize and hope I can get that all resolved over the weekend, get your readings to you and make your heart happy!

I have a surprise special coming this next month and will be sending out a mass announcement next week. Wishing you all a lovely Memorial day weekend!

Brightest Blessings,


770-925-5524 for texting me if there is an issue with your reading.

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