Reading Reviews and Reminder of Reading Process

Happy Fourth of July Weekend Friends!

I wanted to send out a quick reminder about how the reading process for mini readings works.

If you booked on Monday then you will receive your Reading between Tuesday through Friday, (unless I did not receive your email with questions, in which case I will email you to have it resent and answer you with the next batch of readings I do). If you signed up for your Reading on Friday, I do those readings Saturday through Tuesday. I do it this way so I can have a strong voice to answer all the readings and not loose my voice. (yes I still have voice issues and probably always will).

Reviews ~ Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and amazing feedback, it makes my heart so happy and I appreciate ALL of you so much! Confusion lies with my Reviews App that is attached to my Booking page. Hence this email. My Review app sends out review requests 24 hours after your reading scheduled time. Because it is not actually a ""scheduled time, but you have bought the week with me to accomplish your reading, it is confusing. I cannot change the time in which it is sent out, I apologize for that and for the confusion. I do want your feedback, suggestions, and your feelings about your reading. I really, really do! Please keep those responses coming!

I hope this clears up any confusion and frustration with my reading format and review requests.

(I really wish I could change the review request timing, but I cannot).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of smiles and sunshine!

Much love and appreciation to you all,


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