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Summer Mini Reading Sale Starting NOW!

Happy Monday Energetic Friends! I hope this blog finds you well.

As we start this new week, there are some MAJOR Planetary happenings going on starting this afternoon. It may feel like a really weird off-kilter week as we have the Sun squaring Chiron, the Wounded Healer. What does this mean?

Squares represent the energies going up against each other and squaring off to fight. This particular energy may bring up old wounds, big disappointments, the feelings of wanting to give up, trauma issues, and sudden "oh s***" feelings that you have trouble doubling with! So be kind to you this next three days as this particular energy can be brutally capable of causing destruction in your life if you allow it. We also have some serious Mars energy making us very aware of what is unstable, weird, unexpected, and emotionally triggering. Watch your temper and don't do a ton of releasing stuff or situations that you have been doing, find your stability in everything instead. Watch your fear factors, anger, and the sudden urge to fight with people. Breathe and ground out the frustrations that will be coming up.

It is time to figure out how we can shift into this intense weird energy that will bring up so much surprise, sudden scenarios for everyone. Don't give up and walk away from everything this week, especially today. Be good to you and kind to others as this planetary energy is volatile to say the least. If there is something you are not feeling uncomfortable about, look at your own courage and self confidence. YOu can move this forward and get through all this intense energy by being aware of how you can do things differently and move yousrelf forward.

To help with clarity and to give you guidance over the next three weeks, mini readings are on sale. Lots of people really love the ease of receiving a Mini Digitally recorded reading. How do digitally recorded Mini Readings work?

Digitally recorded Readings are not an actual appointment because I do readings this way all week long. I do not call you or read you on the day you book with me. I do the readings by energetically tuning into you and your energy, then record the sessions and send you the recorded messages. No appointment, no phone call at all!

When you book a mini reading, you are reserving my time for the whole week so I can get all the mini readings done and recorded, then sent off in an MP3 file to you by the end of the week. You are booking the time to pay for the service and add the first names of loved ones or pets if you are having a mediumship mini reading done.

You can now add that information on the website, or you can send me an email at

I appreciate all of you so much. Thank you for ALL of your support, your amazing messages to me, and for being in my life!

Sending huge hugs and love to you,


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