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The Journey of my Soul and Voice... Returning to my healthy self. I AM BACK!

As most of you know, this time, May 2019, I lost my voice and felt like death most days. No energy, no strength, achy body all the time and then I lost my voice. Not just little bit of voice loss, but seriously, I could barely talk. This took me into getting my throat checked out. The surgeon I saw found that my thyroid gland was covered in nodules and it was NINE times bigger than any thyroid should be. it was hitting my vocal chords every time I spoke and shredding them with every sound I made. June 7th I had my thyroid and three lymph nodes removed. My thyroid was dead and on the verge of being cancerous had I waited any longer to remove it. The end result after surgery was no voice at all due to severe vocal chord and parathyroid damage.

I really thought I was finished with my path of ever doing another reading and talking for a living. It took 7 months for my vocal chords to begin to come back, but I would loose my voice within 15 minutes of talking. I stayed quiet, which most of you know is very hard for me to do. I like to talk. Being silent was a whole new thing for me. In my 9th month of my healing journey, I thought I could produce a podcast, my voice was back sort of, and as you all know, the podcast did not last long, and neither did my voice. The Covid 19 debauchle happened and censorship on Youtube became a huge thing. I decided to stop doing the Podcast, as an hour of speaking led to three days of no voice. I went back into silence, knowing I still needed some healing on my throat Chakra and my energies in general. Then Lockdown happened and it is still happening. While everything was being shut down, I was beginning to wake up energetically, feeling like it was time for me to be me. It was time for me to get back to doing my healing work with others and get back into the work I was put here to do. I was making lots of products to sell and truly love doing that, but the part of me that always stepped into Spirit and spoke with Spirits for others, was waking up again, as was my voice.

I didn't share my thoughts with my husband, he was worried about his job, money and all of that, while i would sit in the living room with him, thinking Spirit is calling me to come back to me. Then Trevor started sharing with me that I was talking in my sleep. He thought I was doing readings in my sleep. I was not being quiet, I was talking ALL night long. This was something I did when I was very young and I would wake myself up doing a reading for someone, then have that same person book with me the very next day! Here it was happening again, and those people I was reading for in my sleep had sent me emails and messages on Facebook, begging me to read for them. I was scared to go back into doing readings and talking, talking, talking. Scared I would lose my voice and let everyone down. So I held off.

April came and went. The night time readings continued along with the daytime interactions of those people I read for in my sleep, reaching out for me to read for them in the daytime with their emails and messages. I began asking Spirit "Are you telling me it is time? Will I hurt myself talking for extended amounts of time? Will I be able to deal with the energy levels it takes to do readings the way I do them?"

I felt strong after asking those questions and heard a resounding "YES" coming through my thoughts. With this nagging feeling of it is time to come back to me and my path, I started working on me even more. Meditating,energy work on my throat, singing exercises, yep I m a singer, more talking all day long to myself, and last but not least, changing my diet extensively to accommodate my new way of healing my body. No sugar, no meat, no processed food, lots of healthy super foods and teas to heal my throat. I started doing yoga again too as my energy shifted into a new way of being. Strong and high vibrational! Now, after the last three months of intensified healing on my mind, body and Soul, I AM BACK!

I told my sweet Husband last week I am going to do readings and teaching again, after a week solid of doing readings in my sleep and waking to find more emails and messages from clients wanting my services. I told him to not be scared about my health, I am doing fine. Then I told myself to build a new website, start slow, and get back on the energy path to help others find their new way of being in the World with all of the abrupt changes that are happening for each of us.

So this email comes to you to say...I am stepping out of retirement, into my own power, and ready to start again. My silence is over and I am now taking bookings for readings.

Please know that I am going slow by offering a limited amount of days to do readings and a limited amount of appointments a week. I know that I cannot do the everyday schedule I was doing before. I am offering phone and email readings only, no in-person readings. Classes will be up and running in July, with an email announcement sent out when I have them ready to go. I am starting back to readings June 3rd. My booking page is up and running for you to book if you like.

I want to thank you all for all the support, letters, emails, cards, and check - ins I received from so many of you! It meant the world to me, more than words can say!! It is a rather lonely thing to be quiet for nearly a year, but you know, it was the most profound opportunity for personal growth I have ever experienced. I look forward to reading for you!

Brightest Blessings,


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