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Do you want an extra special gift for your loved one?  I absolutely go crazy for making custom products that are channeled creations and made with energetic intentions. When you order a Custom Milk Bath Salt, please tell me a little about the person you are wanting the bath salt created for. I like knowing what their favorite scents are, what do they like?  Is this person a bit of a Gypsy, a Witchy woman, an earthy girl or guy, a Fairy person, or an Earth Angel?  It helps me to know their first name also so I can tune into them, and get the vibes of what they might like, as far as scents and colors of the creation you would like for them.  Please send me a message with this information and  i will create a special item for your loved one or for yourself. 

Custom Milk Bath Salt in a 10 ounce glass bottle

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