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Do you want an extra special gift for your loved one?  I absolutely go crazy for making custom products that are channeled creations and made with energetic intentions. When you order a custom Hat, please tell me a little about your vision of what you would like created.  It helps me to know the first name of the person the hat is being created for. I need to know the favorite flowers they want on their hat, colors and the "feel" of the hat being made. The number one thing I must know is the hat size of the person whot he hat is being made for. also so I can tune into them, and get the vibes of what they might like.  Please send me a message with this information and  i will create a special item for your loved one or for yourself.  Hata re created in 5-10 days.  Crowns are created in 3 -5 days. Both items are shipped priority depedning on the weight of the crown or hat.

I do not accept returns on hats and crowns.  They are created for a particualr person so PLEASE MEASURE YOUR HEAD! I can get up to a size 24 hat size in witch and top hats.  I have not been able to find the bases for the hat in a size larger.  When your hat is finished I send you pictures of what the hat looks like to make sure I have created what you want and if it needs tweaked in any way.  My goal is for you to be super hat with your hat!

Custom Witch, Steampunk or Gothic, Wedding Hat or Crown