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Invite the energies of the Elves with this Earthy, Magickal blend of pure organic essential oils, Dead Sea Salts, Moss Agate Chips, and focused Elvin energies. Crated with the special oil blends of earthy Anise Star, Sweet Orange to open your creativity, Ginger and Clove to attract the Elvin folk, with Vanilla for calm, and Balsam Fir to take you into the Forest. Anise Star pods adorn the tops of the inside of this jar of salts. Bath Tea Bags are included. This bath is appropriate for men or women to invite the Magick of the Fey and Elvish Folk or to enhance your connection to your own Elvin energies. Mica powder is added for the coloring as well as Carrot powder and vitamin E oil for nourishing the skin and giving it much needed anti oxidants.

Elvin King Bath Salts with Moss Agate Chips

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