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High John the Conqueror Perfume Roll-On ~ 10 ML with Tigers Eye Chips

This unique oil is created with the focused energy of WINNING! High John oil raises your confidence, boosts your warrior instincts, upgrades your feelings of being able to conquer anything and then helps you do so.  Made with the New Moon’s energy of manifesting, this oil is perfect for wearing to Court, in negotiation settings, anything that puts you in the situation of having to defend yourself against someone else. Made with High John Root, Frankincense, Clove, and Orange pure organic essential oils in a coconut base. Tigers Eye chips are added to bring the wearer strength in challenges, enhanced intuition, and a clear view of what is truly going on in the situations around the wearer.

High John the Conqueror Perfume Roll-On

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Bath Salts and Perfume Roll ons are not refundable. If your bottle was damaged in shipping, please contact me, with a picture of the damage and I will replace your product. If it is a large order that is damaged, please file a claim with the shipping vendor, I always ship priority with $100.00 insurance on the package which the vendor will refund to you. 

    Perfume Roll-ons, Lotion bars, and small items are shipping first class mail.

    If you are allergic to a particular scent or ingredient please contact me. I can create it without those ingredients usually, substituting the oils and herbs for something you are not sensitive too.

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