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Menopause Relief Essential Oil Roll-On 10 ML.

This relief oil is designed to calm down the effects of Hot Flashes, irritability, emotionally charge mood swings and the general uncomfortable feelings of Menopause. This blend of pure organic essential oils includes Peppermint to elevate your mood, Jasmine to heighten your awareness and brighten your energy. Lavender to calm your nervous system and gently quiet the symptoms of anger and anxiety. Rose Geranium helps to balance the heart Chakra and soothe the emotions. Evening Primrose oil calms hot flashes and estrogen surges in the body. This is made in a coconut base and all ingredients are organic and pure. Apply this oil to the back of your neck before bed, on your wrists and on your heart Chakra in the middle of chest. You can use this during the day too if you are experiencing any of the menopausal symptoms during the day.

Menopause Relief Oil ~ 10 ML

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