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Michele Rothberg is a psychic medium who has spent her entire life connecting with spirit. Always approaching her work with a heartfelt commitment to helping others, she has guided people of all ages and backgrounds to find peace, hope and a positive direction in life.

Michele offers several ways to enhance your life experience and help you reach a higher level of self-understanding and personal contentment.

After completing my basic core massage therapy training at The Austin School of Massage Therapy in 1995, I studied various massage modalities and energy healing systems extensively, including Myofascial Therapy, Deep Massage, Reiki, Zero Balancing, Aromatherapy, Thai – Shiatsu, and Shamanic Healing. I have studied and informally trained with spiritual healers in Latin American forms of healing. I have been interested in and involved in healing and spirituality since a very young age. My current ongoing studies and interests are abdominal massage, Shamanisim, Ayurvedic healing, medical intuition, meditation, and yoga. My goal as a massage therapist is to reduce stress and dis-ease in the body. Receiving intuitive bodywork helps calm the nervous system and releases tension patterns. My work is therapeutic, intuitive, and compassionate. I honor and hold you, the client, in the highest possible regard. Namaste.

1 - 253 - 905- 4842

Maureen is an excellent tarot Reader, wise woman and compassionate Soul. She gets right to the heart of the matter!

Maureen is the Author of Baby It's You!

and Live From the Other Side.  She has appeared on many Radio Shows and has been a skilled, extremely accurate Reader for 25 years.

Tarot Reader, Certified Psychic Medium

Nicole Meckley ~

One thing you will learn about Nicole with Kemerton Holistic Healing is that she knows how to listen. She can listen to her clients, guides, angels, spirits of those passed and to her own intuition. This comes from a lifetime of experience with spirits and from earning a Master's degree in Professional Counseling. She is able to receive messages in multiple forms including tarot and psychic intuition. Nicole is able to deliver these messages in a descriptive manner that allows you to feel the energy from the message. During an intuitive counseling call with Nicole, you will experience a dive into your own energy to see how that will shape the path of your journey. She will help you to understand how to recognize your own intuition and to trust your guides.

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