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I have a new  way to do my Readings. This method requires no appointments, no phone readings, or in person readings.  Instead, I am offering Mini Digital Voice Readings.  They are convenient, less expensive, and can be downloaded and listened to at YOUR convenience.

 So, how does it work?

Well, it is easy!  Go to my booking page, book a reading, however there is no appointment needed for this.  It is only a way to pay and a way for me to control how many readings a week I can offer.

Send me your 5 questions, your three names of loved ones, or animals in Spirit, depending on what reading you purchased,.  Send your information to my email address.  I record your reading digitally, send you the link to it, and you can download and listen when you please.  It is that easy!


I am offering different types of Mini Readings and you can find all of them on my booking page by clicking on the Book Now button to reserve your Mini Reading. You are reserving the week basically, not the actual day and time!

  I record Mondays Readings Tuesday through Thursday and send them to you on Fridays (sometimes earlier). Readings booked on Thursday are recorded Friday though Sunday and sent on the following Monday.


My Services


15 ~ 20 minute reading, answering your email questions. I answer them in a digitally recorded reading. You are sent an MP3 link to it. Please email me your questions to Include first names of people you are asking about.


 20 minute messages from up to three of your loved ones in Spirit, recorded digitally with NO appointment.  You are emailed a link to your MP3 recording of your Reading to listen to and download at your convenience.


House Reading and Energy placement of your Home. 20 - 25 minute digitally recorded voice message. I tune into your home, give very detailed,  information about what is happening and how you can shift what is going on there to improve the energy! 


This is reading is all about the people in your life!  I need the three names of the Living people you would like me to connect with.  I tune into you and to them, tell you how they are doing, and how you are connected to them.


15 minute digitally recorded reading of up to three of your beloved pets in Spirit. I bring you their accurate messages and love while they are speaking to you through me
I need only names and breed to bring your fur babies messages to you, 


In this 15 -20 minute Reading, I tune into your health issues, and tell you what I pick up from your energy. I give detailed information and try to be as specific as possible. Please know, I am not a doctor! Please seek medical assistance.

5 Question Reading
Mini Relationship Reading
Mini Mediumship Reading
Pet Spirit Mediumship Reading
House Energy Reading
Mini Health Reading


Amazing Experience!

Ginger brought through my Husband, who recently passed away from cancer. She connected with him and brought his personality through so there was no doubt in my mind that this was way beyond intuition. He was speaking though her to me. It was incredibly healing. And while I miss him desperately, A dark cloud has lifted from my life. What a gift to give. I’m so grateful to her.

Rebecca Nichols  Feb 18, 2021

Reading with Ginger

I have had two readings with Ginger over the past 3 years and her readings are amazing. She was recommended to me by my first cousin and although I was not 100% open at first, my doubts were gone after the first reading. I had a reading last week and it was so spot on. Ginger truly has a gift and has brought so much comfort to me. The new format is just as good as the telephone readings. I am so grateful to Ginger.

Katherine Smith  Feb 21, 2021

Mediumship Mini Recorded Reading

Three years ago I had a wonderful phone reading with Ginger so I decided to try this new format. I think it is great. She is able to communicate without my anxious/nervous Interruptions. She brought through so much comforting validation it was like a mnii conversation with my loved one, that I can listen to whenever I want. I definitely recommend.

R.T.  Feb 16, 2021

Warm and compassionate

I have been getting readings from Ginger for over 5 years. She is always spot on with what she tells me. She accurately told me what my brother passed from before the autopsy was completed (autopsy completed by a person named "Ginger"!!) Coincidence? I think not!! I find myself returning to her for her guidance and have come to trust her messages.

Terri Arendt Aug 5, 2020