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$10.00 a month weekly energy reading now available!

Good Morning Friends. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying the shifts in energy we just experienced this weekend. We are now experiencing higher vibrations as we head into Aquarius Season. Lighter, brighter, movement forward for us all...YAY!

I wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I have revised the subscription plan for the weekly energy updates and readings. They were $7.00 a week and now they are $10.00 a month. I wanted to them to be more affordable to everyone. For those of you who had purchased a plan at the previous price, it has been canceled. You will have to go back in to re-subscribe at the monthly rate of $10.00 a month.

For those of you who have not subscribed, each week I send you a digital recording of the weekly energies, what is going on in the planets, and sometimes a tarot, oracle card reading, sometimes very channeled, sometimes angels and guides, whatever the Universe tells me to share, I share it. You get it in an MP3 file in your email each week. usually on Monday's. I love doing these and look forward to it every single week.

Follow this link to get your subscription started and I look forward to reading for you!

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday,


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