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Limited Phone Readings Are Back!

Happy almost Spiring, I am pretty sure Mother Nature did not get the memo that Spring Equinox is on the 21st...LOL

I love Spring, love new beginnings, love telling all of you that phone readings are back! :)

I am taking a leap and offering a very limited amount of 30 minute psychic and medium phone readings a week. They are available on Wednesday morning only at this point. My heart tells me to start slowly and work into more as I go along, so please be patient with me.

If you booked a mini reading with me, I will do those readings and will not be refunding them to switch people over to a phone reading. There are so many mini reading bookings, I feel like I need to do those up this next two weeks for people that have been waiting for them. I love doing the mini readings and now phone readings for all of you!

On another note, have you been feeling the energies lately. Holy wicked energy vibes!! It is not your imagination if you have been feeling down, scared, fearful of whatever is not working in your life, roadblocks, and financial strain. The planets are beating us all up this week and right on into the next two weeks especially. Breathe, practice self-care, cleanse your personal energy, take a sea salt bath, smudge your house, and meditate during the times this next two weeks that you feel like everything is falling apart or you want to make everything fall apart so you can start over.

Be careful with that illusion of trying to fix what may be wrong. Go with the flow of it all. Do not sabotage yourself! Be patient with communications and relationships as the planets are testing ALL of us to see if we want to go to battle with the people around us. War energy is VERY prevalent right now, as well as financial disruption, so make sure to protect your money! Research your banks stability and stash extra food, as these energies are going to get more intense the rest of this month and into April, It will bring up feelings of not being stable and not very secure in our money, food, and general security.

Anything you can do to have extra supplies on hand as we head into Spring and Summer is a good plan for this particular heavy energy pattern we are currently in and will be moving into even more through the next few months. I am not saying this to scare anyone, just to let you know there is a darkness of energy trying to disrupt all of us with our fears, our security, and even the kinds of energies we invite into our hearts and minds. Protect your energy especially the rest of this week into next week.

With that being said, I wish you a beautiful rest of your week, protect your energy and watch for new doors opening while being careful not to sabotage the good stuff in your life.

Brightest Blessings,


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