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Classes and Mentoring with Ginger are now available.

Soul Sessions Academy is back with a new beginning psychic medium class. I am offering individual mentoring opportunities for Intermediate and Advanced Psychics, Mediums too.

The Beginning Psychic Medium Class will be starting February 22nd online with Videos and zoom meetings plus individual consulting during the six-week course.

This course is designed to amplify you intuition while guiding you into the techniques to protect your energy while opening up your awareness. You will learn how to speak with your Guides and Angels, experience and become aware of your Chakras while learning how to clear them. You will work with your breath for healing and raising your vibration. You will be opening up your connection to Spirit and the Other Side while diving into the methods of amplifying your own individual abilities. You will have homework each week with vidoes that guide you and explain each step of raising your intuitive awareness. There will be a psychic mediumship practice circle as well for you to practice doing readings.

Individual Mentoring for Intermediate and Advanced students is now available too. This program is for those who have either taken a Psychic Medium course, have been working energetically with clients previously to working with me, have taken my beginning courses, or have been doing readings professionally and want to "Fine - Tune" their abilities further.

This mentoring program is a custom six - week program, to assist you in your psychic mediumship work with others or for yourself. I work with you each week, for 90 minutes via zoom or by phone to dive into your talents and help you to take them to new dynamics. This program is limited to seven participants. There will be a practice group to work with as well to assist you in developing your style more and exploring new techniques you learn through mentoring.

You can sign up and find out more about each offering by clicking the button below.

I look forward to working with you and wish you all a very happy, loving February!

Brightest Blessings,


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