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Energy Update, Mini & One Hour Readings on Sale Now!

Guiding Light

Blessed Sunday Everyone! I am excited to share that we are now moving all the planets moving forward, which means WE can finally move forward too! YAY!!

Over the last four weeks, there has been such a huge stop and start, stop and start kind of vibe, that I am sure we are all ready for a big break in that energetic cycle. It's here. The energies will begin to feel lighter, brighter and co-operative as we begin to let go of the blockages we have been enduring and dive into fresh, new inspirational flashes of what we can accomplish. I am ready for sure. Are you? This coming week is a prime time

to make lists, visions boards, and plan, plan, plan! Then when the planning is complete, you can see what you want to accomplish in your mind's eye. Be sure to tell Spirit, God, Higher Power, the Universe what you wish to create. Be specific. Read your list our loud, then watch as doors of opportunity begin to fly open. On a side note, the doors may be a little off kilter as they present themselves, because we have some serious Neptune energy throwing little curve balls at us. This will bring in temptations that may be too good to be true. Ask your Soul if this is right for you?

You can do this by closing your eyes, then take a deep breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this several times, then ask "Is this the right choice for me?" Pay attention to how your tummy and your body in general feels. Did your belly tighten up? Did your body react with pain? If so, that is a big NO! If all was peaceful in your body, then YES, fly forward with your actions!

It is a powerhouse of Divine Manifestation energies coming in. The Universe is saying "Here you go!" So, I am saying "Here you go too, with one-hour readings and mini readings all on sale so you can clarify, define what paths are opening up for you, and what to watch for in the process. All readings are recorded and sent to you via email in an MP3 file. I call you for the appointment if it is a phone reading. If it is a mini reading, then you have booked me for the whole week, which gives me time to get all the mini readings recorded and sent out to everyone on the week that you booked with me. Whatever reading you choose, I am excited to read for you! I LOVE to bring you as much insight as I possibly can to help facilitate this energetic shift in moving forward.

I am sending out Sunday wishes for a Magickal week ahead for everyone!

Brightest Finally Moving Forward Blessings,


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