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New Mini Reading Options Available

Happy November Everyone!

I have had many of you request a few new categories to add to my selection of Reading options. So I did. They are available for you to book now.

You will find a Mini Relationship Reading available on my booking page. This is a Reading that lets me Read three people that you choose for me to tune into. I share what I pick up in your dynamics with them, how to work with them better, what to watch for, and how to move forward with those people. This all about how YOU interact with them and what lessons you are experiencing from the people you choose. This can be co-workers, family, friends, lovers, etc. I tell you all that your Guides and Angels share with me. The ONLY thing I will not share in this reading, is if the person is cheating on you. If you have to ask it, you already know there are big problems.

Mini Health Readings have been added too. I am not a doctor, but I am a medical intuitive. I get information from scanning your body and will share with you all that I pick up to help you move forward with seeing a professional Health Practitioner. I give detailed feelings, impressions and straight forward information about what is going on in your mind, body and Soul in this reading.

Legal Mini Readings are also available. This Reading is very specific in its nature, as I tune into your legal issues, contracts, binding agreements etc. I AM NOT A LAWYER, but I get extremely detailed information about legal issues. I share all that I feel and see with you so you can navigate your legal issues better with legal professionals.

You can book any of these new offerings on my booking page by clicking on the button below.

Thank you all for the incredibly kind emails, texts and so much love that has been pouring my way, since I started doing Readings again. I am so joyful, grateful and delighted to be able to offer Spirit's Guidance again. YAY!

Have a Blessed November and Shine your Light bright as this world certainly needs as much Love and Light as possible!

Much love,


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