When Spirit Yells...LISTEN!

Hello Everyone,

I am super excited and very nervous to even be writing this blog and making this announcement but here I go...I AM BACK!

Yep, coming back to doing Readings.

After three months of being very quiet because I could not talk, like at all, I started Voice Therapy. My doctor thought I would not ever talk normally again because of damage to my vocal chords when I had my thyroid removed, but guess what...I am talking, singing, yelling, all of it...YAY!

The last three months of my voice struggles, I have been singing, first an hour in the morning, then extending that out after two months of being very croaky. I was not able to sing for long, then all of a sudden it shifted. I sang for an hour in the mornings, did voice exercises before and after singing, then did it again in the afternoons. In my third month of doing these practices, I started noticing my voice getting stronger and stronger. I kept on, practicing, stretching my voice with song, doing scales, and voice therapy noises to get my voice strong again.

I may have been a monk in a past life, a silent Monk, but in this life it was not working for me. I was meant to talk, to share, to heal, to do the work I know Spirit put me here to do. I felt driven to keep on working, kept singing, kept pushing, willing my voice to be strong again. Changes started happening and I noticed I was not loosing my voice as much. My voice was getting stronger and stable, and with that shift, the Spirit Realm started coming to me again. Spirits bothered me all night long, coming into my dreams, telling me they had messages for people. I would wake up every night for the last month, knowing I had been doing readings in my sleep. I knew they were giving me the message "You are almost there. We are waiting for you and encouraging you to come back and be the Messenger."

I have to admit, I was scared. I am still a little scared that if I talk to o much, I will loose my voice again, but it is just a fear that I am letting go and trusting spirit with. I am ready to get back to who I am...a messenger for God, Spirit, and the Universe for the people, Living and Dead.

Of course, I declared that I was fully retired and was not ever going to do this work again, but you know, when your boss is so much bigger than you are, it is hard to say no, I cannot, no I won't, no I never will again. Spirit comes in strong and creates healing, miracles and so much drive to move forward, I could not ignore the knowing that this is my path. I had to rest and heal without doing readings before I could handle even thinking about coming back. I did that. I rested, I felt like I was not doing the path I was meant to do, I worried that I let people down, I cried about it, I stressed over not being able to talk like I used to and I felt completely lost. Beyond all of those feelings was this nagging feeling of being determined to get my voice working again. So here I am, once again saying my health has returned. I feel terrific! I am ready to be the Messenger for Spirit again....YAY!

So, I am offering the Mini Readings I was offering before when my voice was so weak. I have my booking page up, website updated, and I am ready to rock and roll again. There is so much going on in the world, my heart and soul knows it is time to bring the Light in strong and help. My Calendar is open for booking on Mondays and am only offering a limited amount of readings a week right now. Heading into it gently to start. As I get my energy levels balanced while doing this work again, I will open up my schedule more, but for now I have only one day a week open to book Mini Readings. This allows you to book your reading with me for that week, which I do digitally, on a voice recorder and send you the MP3 recording of it through email. I do not call you or talk on the phone with you, I am not quiet ready to do all that yet. It simply let's you book the week with me so I can get your readings done and sent to you before the next week starts with new bookings. I am excited to get to it again!

I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes and the sweet, loving sentiments I received from so many of you! I also want to thank the amazing Michele Rothberg Trosper for being available to all of you while I was working on getting back to me. You are an Earth Angel and beautiful Soul Sister and I appreciate you more than words can ever say Michele!

Sending All of you the Brightest of Blessings and Love,


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